We have a simple idea to make a huge change in the way we look at government and our democratic elections process.


Instead of the people with the biggest pocket books of Special Interests always winning the elections, how about we create an elections system where the winner is the candidate who can get the MOST number of VOTES with the SMALLEST amount of money.


In that way anyone can spend as much money as they want, yet at some point the amount of money you spend will NOT get you more votes proportional to the amount of money you are spending. The more votes you can get with less money is are equation.


With this simple idea and the system of calculations and research needed to have a new way of elections, we are beginning the process of building an entire new parallel government that elects representatives based on their issues, ideas, and community support, NOT the amount of money they can get from BIG Money Special Interest Donors.


Anyone can run as a representative in the California Parallel State Assembly, simply by running for office in the normal elections. But to win, you must spend as little money as possible and still get the maximum number of votes you can. For more information about how to become a representative and how the elections process works click here:


More information coming soon.  . .